Yoga Power Hour

Salute the Sun with a YOGA Power Hour

Power Yoga is a fitness based form of yoga focusing on the breath and the mind while moving the body.  Like all Yoga, it improves strength, flexibility, concentration and mindfulness.

If you prefer a more cardio yoga class then Power Yoga is for you.  It’ll boost your metabolism, burning more calories and improving body tone.

Power Yoga maybe different to what you are used to and that is a HUGE benefit.  It may push you outside of your comfort zone, make you focus more in the moment which in turn, helps clear the mind and de-stress.

Power Yoga is a wonderful flowing energetic experience but remember, every yoga class you do is your own practise, you always work at your own pace, regardless of the class or the type.

Yoga is about how it feels not how it looks.

At our FIX POWER HOUR YOGA every level is welcome, beginner through to advanced, come and salute the sun; it’s the best way to start the day.

Check out the FIX timetable for a full list of Power Hour and Yoga classes. 

There is a class right for you!