Therapeutic Corrective Exercises


At our clinic we offer therapeutic corrective exercises specific to your needs by identifying the compensations and dysfunctions pertaining to your current physical function and then set goals to achieve correction.

During your Therapeutic Corrective Exercises session we will provide you with postural education; These sessions will assist in:

  • identifying anatomical dysfunction and limitations

  • restoring and maintaining the body’s full range of motions

  • promoting well-being through physical activities

  • providing methods for overcoming physical limitations

  • enhancing performances for professional and recreational athletes

You will gain knowledge to assist in your own pain management plan; helping reduce the number of visits to your health professional. Along with a better understanding of your own recovery; by learning how to recognise what works best for your body to keep it pain free.



Provides clients of all age and abilities with an exclusive one on one time with a qualified Myotherapist who is also a Pilates instructor.

These sessions are ideal for people with:

  • restriction of movement

  • strength deficits

  • poor movement patterns

  • recovery from injury

  • recovery from most surgeries

or for people who just need to be stronger.


During these sessions your instructor will conduct several different types of testing and from here will teach you the basis of ‘neutral spine’ and provide a corrective exercises program tailored to your body’s needs to help you improve.

Your program can be continued at home or you can progress into our Open / Rehab Sessions.


Open / Rehab Sessions

Participants in the Open / Rehab sessions have their own exercises program (from completing a one on one corrective exercises session); each client completes their program at their own pace while being supervised by a qualified Myotherapist who is also a Pilates instructor.

The supervising instructor will oversee the whole class; correcting movements if needed and adding new exercises to programs as they progress; this ensures that each individual continues to progress and develop.


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* These sessions are claimable on Private Health Insurance


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* These sessions are claimable on Private Health Insurance

All new Therapeutic Corrective Exercise clients to our clinic are asked to complete and sign our Medical History Form.
Form can be downloaded here and emailed to prior to appointment.