Wendy describes her meditation course as not just a course in meditation but a course in well-being. "I like to present all different styles of meditation to my students so that each person can find the methods that are best suited to them, and each week is something new and interesting. At each class I talk briefly about the benefits of meditation from scientific, psychological and spiritual point of views so that it is easy to understand how each meditation works and why it is working for you. I find this helps my students to relax and get the most out of their meditation.

The course is suited to anyone who is having difficulty relaxing or sleeping, who needs some time to themselves to rejuvenate and refresh, anyone who is having health issues, or anyone who has an interest in meditation and wants to find out more. It is suitable for all levels, from beginner to more experienced meditators. Casual visitors are welcome however students will gain the most benefit if they attend each week. As an added incentive I am happy to offer anyone who commits to the full ten weeks a free one-on-one session recording your own personalised meditation as a FREE bonus.

If you want to have a chat with me about your specific reasons for wanting to learn meditation I would welcome a phone call from you on 0408 799 061, I love to talk about what I do!"


Pricing for all Yoga & Meditation Classes

$25.00 – Drop In (casual class)
* 7 day expiry from date of purchase for Drop-In Pass

$209.00 – 10 Class Fix Pass
* 13 week expiry from date of purchase for 10 class fix pass

All Meditation Session attendees are asked to complete and sign our Medical History Form.
Form can be downloaded here and emailed to prior to appointment.