FIX Muscle Performance have a Graduate Program that all ‘new into the industry’ employees will participate in.

This provides new employees the chance to be mentored by our Clinic Educator; continuing their knowledge while being in a great supportive network.

As a part of the Graduate Program new employees will have;

  • Weekly Study Groups with our Clinic Educator (first year)

  • Monthly Study Groups with a local Osteopath & our Clinic Educator (second year)

  • Support and Guidance with our Clinic Educator; your Mentor


These study groups are conducted in an open forum style, giving Graduates the opportunity to interact and ask questions when needed as well as gaining more hands-on experience by trialling techniques on others; guided by our Clinic Educator.

Here at Shepparton Myotherapy our Senior Therapists also requested to undertake monthly study groups to continue their learning, develop their skills and to always aim for that next level edge.

University Observation / Practical Hours

FIX Muscle Performance are more than willing to take on University Students needing to complete their observation / practical hours. If you would like more information on this please contact the clinic on (03) 5831 5400 and speak to Holly Moylan – Personal Assistant to Cher Hetherington.