What to expect in a Myotherapy Treatment / Remedial Massage?

You will be asked a few questions about your area of pain, duration, general health and activities after this you may be asked to perform a series of range of movements to assess the area of dysfunction, and this helps test the flexibility of joints and how they are functioning.

After the initial assessment has taken place you will receive physical treatment which may include numerous techniques such as; deep tissue massage, stretching, cupping, dry needling, etc….

How long is a treatment?

Myotherapy Treatments –45mins

Remedial Mas sage –1hour

What can I expect post Myotherapy Treatment / Remedial Massage?

Myotherapy is a hands on approach with physical muscle manipulation and modalities. It can be expected that you will feel sore post treatment, you may have tenderness for up to 3 days; this tenderness is the body to adapt to the changes that the Myotherapist has placed upon the muscles of your body.

Nevertheless everyone is unique and can react differently this is just a guide on the possibilities post treatment.

Please feel free to contact the clinic if any problems occur and we can arrange a Myotherapist to advise and provide guidance.

Why do I have pain?

When a muscle is causing pain it is due to the development of a trigger point (known commonly as a knot in the muscle) these trigger points are hypersensitive locations within the muscle which cause pain in the response to undue stress. This can be caused by injury, disease, physical or emotional stress to the muscle. When untreated these trigger points can cause the muscles to pull on the surrounding bones and cause pain and joint restriction, this can then lead to further bio-mechanical dysfunction if left untreated.