Cultivating Balance, Vitality & Longevity

Our style of Yoga is a flowing series of postures which is helpful in unifying breath, movement and mind. Its focus is to create heat and energy flow through the system, increasing suppleness and awareness.

Yoga builds core strength, lightness and deep conditioning to improve balance and posture while nurturing your spirit.

At FIX we do appreciate that every body is different and work towards an enriching, calm and empowering class for you, focusing only on seeking nothing more than reaching towards your own individual potential.

FIX is now offering classes to start you off on your own personal journey.

Bookings are essential as numbers are limited to give our students personalised attention.

"Through stead and consistent practice of Yoga, maintaining your focus and using your breath, you are able to stay present, one breath at a time"

10 week Term $209.00
(week of 22nd January 2018 through to week of 26th March 2018)
* please note that Monday Classes will run for 9 weeks at a cost of $188.10 due to public holiday

Our classes run in conjunction with the Victorian School Terms with fees equating to $20.90 per class payable upfront on a term by term basis.

Reformer Pilates, Yoga & Meditation Classes are held in our studios on level 1 of the building.

There are showers and change room facilities available for use on premises.

All Pilates, Yoga & Meditation Class attendees are required to complete a Medical History Form prior to Term commencement and if any personal or medical information has changed.
Form can be completed and emailed to


Please ensure you have read and fully understand our Beginner Guidelines prior to signing your Medical History Form when joining our Pilates & Yoga Classes.